British Gas Energy Trust helps those in need

Everyone deserves the right to live in a warm and working home. The reality, however, is that household budgets are under pressure and some people can struggle to pay for their energy. Centrica wants to ensure that families and individuals who need extra help are supported, irrespective of whether they are customers or not.

That is why Centrica funds the British Gas Energy Trust, an independent charity that is solely funded by the company, to provide free and impartial financial advice and grants to anyone in need of assistance with their energy and household bills.

Centrica has contributed over £110 million (€120 million) to the Trust in mandatory and voluntary contributions since 2004, helping more than 220,000 people get back on their feet. The Trust’s financial advice enables its clients to tackle or prevent debt, while grants are used to pay-off debt and repair or buy energy efficient white goods that reduce ongoing running costs.

The Trust makes a meaningful impact in society. Independent research by Oxford Economics showed that for every £1 donated by the Trust, the positive impact on society more than doubled. This is because the Trust’s help has led to better health and living conditions for people in vulnerable circumstances which in turn, has resulted in financial benefits for the National Health Service, Government and local authorities.

See how Mrs Jones received help through the British Gas Energy Trust:

Mrs. Jones is nearly 70 years old and undergoing chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer. She is also a full-time carer for her 50-year old daughter, who suffers from several serious health issues. While Mrs Jones receives state benefits and an allowance from Macmillan Cancer Support to help pay household bills, her financial situation is strained. When her old and inefficient boiler needed to be decommissioned, she was unable to cover the cost of replacing it. Her energy provider could not help so Macmillan referred Mrs Jones to the Trust who awarded a grant of more than £4,300 (€4,800) for a new, efficient boiler.

Key figures

>1 million vulnerable customer households helped with their energy in 2017

>21,000 employees have become Dementia Friends, enhancing support for those living with the condition

385,000 training hours for engineers and apprentices in the UK