A circular mill – Innovations and investments to close loops

Nature is both Smurfit Kappa’s source of raw materials and inspiration for a circular economy. We replace natural resources, reuse materials and close loops.

Our plant in Piteå, Sweden is the largest European producer of kraftliner. It has taken serious steps towards sustainability in the last decade, becoming a fully biofuel-run mill, improving significantly its water footprint and continuously working towards maintaining good relations with its neighbours.

The Swedish mill moved towards zero fossil CO2 emissions in 2007 with investment in a biomass boiler, followed by fuelling lime kilns with sawdust. Further efficiency improvements included replacing heavy fuel oil with bio oil. It’s now self-sufficient with its energy production and at times is able to sell district heating to residential homes in parts of the city of Piteå.

Also thinking of its neighbours, the mill has worked to reduce noise and to put in place solutions for the safer transport of goods including reducing emissions with more energy-efficient trucks and having less trucks on the road.

All in all, the mill is delivering value to the community around it, offering direct and indirect employment in rural northern Sweden and adding measurable value to its customers. SK Piteå leads the way as a circular business fitting well in its environment and adding high value throughout packaging value chain.

The Smurfit Kappa Piteå Paper Mill
Timber from sustainable forests at the Smurfit Kappa Piteå Paper Mill


The SK Piteå project benefits include:

  • +90% reduction in fossil CO2 emissions
  • 99% of the mill running on biogenic energy
  • Using raw material from sustainable forests
  • Delivering biogenic heating to 5,000 households
  • Passing on CO2 emission savings to customers
  • Optimisation of our supply chain results in eco-friendly packaging with a reduced carbon footprint

Key figures

Smurfit Kappa Piteå Paper Mill has been operational for almost 60 years (est. 1959) and employs around 510 people

The Piteå Paper Mill produces 700,000 tonnes of kraftliner annually

Smurfit Kappa has achieved a 26% reduction in CO2 emissions three years ahead of target

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