Making the connected home a reality

Across the world, customer needs are evolving. They want more than just energy. They want seamless, time-saving products and services that make their lives simpler and smarter and can help them save money.

With the home becoming a focal point for technology-enabled products and services, Centrica is meeting these needs through their global Connected Home business. Their Hive ecosystem of products and services are putting customers in control over how they run their homes by focusing on home energy management, home automation and peace of mind.

Cumulatively, Centrica has sold over 1.6 million Connected Home products that can be controlled conveniently with just a tap on the app – from Hive smart thermostats, plugs, lights and cameras, to Hive window, door and motion sensors. In 2017, they also launched subscription plans which include the Hive Leak Plan.

The Plan features the Hive Leak Sensor which monitors water flow around the home and notifies the customer of potential leaks through the app and connects them with an engineer to repair the problem.

These products and services are making a big difference to customers. For example, 89% of customers using the Hive Active Heating™, say they now feel more in control over their heating.

The acquisition of AlertMe in March 2015, gave Centrica control over the technical platform that underpins its Connected Home activity and the capability to launch products across the Group. Centrica is further building its capabilities to develop cutting-edge Connected Home products by investing an expected £500 million in this area during 2015-20. And with growing partnerships in new markets, a strong brand and 15,000 engineers and technicians on the ground, they have the potential to bring the benefits of the Connected Home to even more people across the world.

Key figures

£100 million (€110m) investment in start-ups to identify, incubate and accelerate new technologies and innovations for customers via Centrica Innovations

£1.2 billion (€1.3bn) investment expected in Centrica’s Connected Home and Distributed Energy & Power business to provide cutting-edge products and services

>38,000 people have benefited from investment in start-ups with innovative energy ideas that build a better society