IoT makes the trains run on time

Reliable, efficient, and clean mobility infrastructures continue to be and are becoming ever more relevant for societies and economies. Especially in Europe, the well-established railway system offers an attractive commuting alternative to overcrowded roads and continuously congested cities. As part of the Italian Railway Network, Trenitalia operates a fleet of nearly 30,000 locomotives, electric and light trains, coaches, and freight cars, and runs over 8,000 trains each day. Trenitalia sought an innovative way to prevent failures and maintenance downtime by optimising equipment lifecycles and resource usage, while also reducing cost.

Using dynamic maintenance management from SAP connected through Internet of Things technology, real-time insights from sensors are transforming how Trenitalia manages its assets by adding more predictive capabilities to traditional, planned, or reactive models. In this way, Trenitalia ensure reliable, sustainable and safe mobility for 2 million passengers every day and 80 million tons of freight per year.